Quality and Integrity are a proven part of our DNA. For over half a century, NRKR has been known to be the gold standard for quality in its offerings. We constantly innovate our processes, adopt state-of-the-art technology ahead of the curve to ensure our enduring quality consciousness stays a step ahead.

NRKR Textiles is ISO certified and is often conferred certification for best practices, commitment to quality, environmental protection and strong customer relations

Our manufacturing facilities have the latest Quality Analysis and Assurance labs manned by experienced professionals. We only use high quality raw cotton, mainly MCU-5, known for its superiority in terms of fineness, good feel making and suitable strength to weave in high-speed shuttle-less air-jet looms. Extra-long staple varieties like Pima, Giza and Suvin can be used for specific requirements upon special orders to make special yarns.

Our quality standards are bolstered by our testing equipment which comprises of HVI, AFIS, UT-5, Uster Quantum Classimate tester, Bale Management and RKM Tester among others.

For us Quality is more than just a word – it is the cornerstone of our existence and an attributed deeply imbibed in our DNA.