Our genesis

& growth

All large institutions begin with the vision of one individual who had the wisdom and courage to see ahead and build today to serve the needs of tomorrow. In our case it was Sri NRKR, our founder who not only sowed the seeds of where we proudly stand today as a US$500 Million company, but also revolutionized the industry in Andhra Pradesh as one of the first pioneers of textile manufacturing in the region. Sri NRKR was a prominent cotton ginner whose legendary style of procurement and generosity towards the farmers are told as stories even today. Having foreseen the need for transporting processed cotton to long distances, he established and ran the first cotton pressing factory in the state in 1964.

We have since then grown from strength to strength while retaining the founding principles of quality and integrity. We have added the spinning vertical to our fold in 1991 by acquiring a mill in Salem, Tamil Nadu. We extended the spinning vertical by initially taking large mills on lease before setting up our own 25000-spindle mill in Rajahmundry followed by another one in Chebrole.

Today the company houses more than 500 employees and is a key player in the Global Market. We are in the process of adding 35000 spindles and 100 Air jet looms to its existing capacity of 100000 spindles geared up with 100 cotton gins. Our stateof-the-art infrastructure allows us to meet and exceed the standards of the market
expectations every day. We gin and spin with MCU05 variety of cotton that has a son length of 32 mm which is considered the longest available cotton varieties in India. Our annual production stands at 14000 tons of yarn and 55000 tons of raw cotton.



Our group is known for its integrity and commitment to its stakeholders

  • Legacy of delivering quality products and contributing to the industry for over half a century
  • A family-run organization that operates with the values of a close-knit family and the processes of a global institution
  • The group is known for its commitment to the growth of the farmers in and around the region
  • We have conducted various outreach programs to educate the farmers in how to increase yields, be more profitable and adopt sustainable farming practices
  • The group is known for its financial discipline
  • We are firmly committed to inculcate and encourage sustainable practices in farming and business to ensure an environment-friendly ecosystem